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I am a full "snack goods", no matter where I go, I take my mother to find food. The stinky tofu that makes people drool three thousand feet, and the sweet-smelling steamed buns, but my favorite is the lamb buns. After entering the store, the waiter warmly entertains you, and gives you two flatbreads and a big bowl, so you can break the buns yourself, don't have a fun, usually only the size of the nails, the smaller the more delicious, then the waiter will send the bowl In the kitchen, after a while, with a drooling aroma, the cooked mutton steamed buns appeared! A bowl of mutton steamed buns is like a sea, the outer crispy and tender buns are like dotted islands on the sea, the mutton looming in the soup is like a variety of fish in the sea, and the fans all over are like tumbling waves Hot air surrounds the bowl, like a haze around the island. The steamed buns and lamb have been boring for a long time, and they have absorbed the essence of the meat. When they touch the lips, they have a soft feeling to the heart, giving people an endless aftertaste. The lamb and the soup seem to be integrated into one, and they are affected by the soup. Affected, the lamb becomes soft and perishable, coupled with the lubrication of the vermicelli, the moisture of the soup, the softness of the steamed buns, the simple single bowl of lamb foamed buns, with these four ingredients, it becomes unstoppable to eat a bite, Very delicious. There is a story about this ancient traditional craft! It is said that Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin lived in poverty and lived on the streets of Chang'an. At one time, only a piece of steamed bun was left on his body Parliament Cigarettes, which was very hard to swallow. When the boss of the mutton shop saw him pitiful, he rewarded him with a bowl of mutton soup. Zhao Kuangyin received After the soup, the dried buns were broken up and soaked in the soup. They ate the food in a gobble. They were refreshed and hungry and cold disappeared. Later, when they became emperor, the mutton buns that were eaten in childhood came out. Later, the lamb and fans were added after the owner's suggestion. This ancient traditional craft is loved by new and old customers Cigarettes Online, and it has passed down. The mutton steamed buns that you like and eat are not only delicious, but also tell us a truth about life! Whether it is lamb mokingusacigarettes.com, steamed buns or fans, they can integrate themselves into the soup, and life is like this. If everyone can feel life with their own soul, then everyone can experience the joy of life. After listening to my introduction, do you want to eat it? Is it also drooling? Then go and eat a hot bowl of steamed lamb buns!
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