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Strong bow and crossbow, Xinchen Jingzuo, according to the city of Yizhang, unexpected abyss. But he didn't want to be disintegrated in the screams of thousands of literati Newport Cigarettes Coupons, in the singing and dancing of the concubine's concubine, in the flattery of the prince's ministers, in the resentment of the people of the world Cigarettes For Sale. The Qin Kingdom, an indelible one that destroyed the Six Kingdoms, a self-proclaimed country, a huge country in the golden city, and a great kingdom of the descendants of the descendants, became the history after enjoying the so-called Taiping for 14 years. When the army of Qin Shihuang ��s strong and powerful horses spread across the six countries, he smiled. He thought he was the most powerful in the world. No one could defeat him. At this time, he couldn't hold a grain of sand in his eyes, but those damn literati always said that he was not, he was angry, so, burning books and Confucianism, how many people's dreams were burned, and how many people's happiness were hurt. No one dared to comment on him anymore, but people were in flames. In the huge palace, Emperor Qin Shihuang was sitting alone in the middle, and the beauties on all sides danced and the singing continued for a long time. He was drinking and looked at the dancers with thick makeup and colorful dresses fluttering. The soldiers were still outside the palace. Pushing one after another literati against the tyranny into the pit; the flames continued, the red-hot half of the sky, the bundles of bamboo slips that spent the literati's entire life suddenly turned to ashes ... Qin Shihuang was still intoxicated in singing and dancing. Is it necessary to overwhelm for more than three hundred years and isolate each day? Everyone is dead, no matter how well the palace is built, it is futile. Poor Afang Palace was finally tortured by Xiang Yu. Xizai, mournful, the entire Qin Shihuang Mausoleum, the vast engineering, countless terracotta warriors, can be called the eighth wonder of the world , But what about this? After the death of Emperor Qin Shihuang, hasn't it become a pile of bones, can you still enjoy the foundation of the Qin Dynasty for hundreds of years, but at its peak, it was vulnerable to the resistance of the people. Emperor Qin Shihuang, the greatest ruler of the Qin Dynasty, and even a great contributor to China in the future, why did he let himself fight for the foundations that he had earned in a lifetime, which reminded me of the ancient saying of Mencius: born in Worry, die of peace. Yes, years of battle on the battlefield made Qin Shihuang the first monarch capable of ruling the whole of China. In the war, he was tenacious, unyielding, and courageous, and led the Qin army to defeat one opponent after another. At that time, Qin was indestructible. And after the reunification of China? Burning books and Confucianism is just for the fame of the moment; there are countless conquests for the vanity of life and death; indulging in sensuality has accelerated the fall of the Qin Dynasty. The fire nestling in people's hearts finally broke out. Chen Sheng and Wu Guang sounded the death knell of the Qin Dynasty's death; Xiang Yu and Liu Bang shattered the dreams of the Qin Dynasty's descendants.
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