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Next to my community, there is a science and technology park. The unique landscape in the park has become a good place for me and my friends to play. On that day, the neighboring grandma Zhang told us with great interest that there was a small tadpole in a water pond in the park. You can go to catch the tadpole. As soon as the words fell Cheap Cigarettes, our friends had found large and small water basins and water ladles from their homes and ran towards the park. The small pond in the park is not large, only a few square meters, but the scenery is unique. Next to the pond is a pavilion with several cherry trees and peach trees. On the south side of the pavilion, there are several long seats for the rest of the gamers. In the water pond, there are several large rocks that crooked and twisted from this side to the other side Marlboro Lights, and the bold children walked across the pond from the large stone, like practicing kung fu on the water. The water in the pond is clear and clear, the stones and plants under the water are faintly visible, and several fountains are installed in the water. When the workers rise, they will let the fountain spray water out of the fountain, which is very interesting. On that day, we came to the pond in groups of three and five carrying small pots and water ladles. After several children occupied a "position", they began to catch tadpoles. I saw a little tadpole swimming around in the clear water. I swam next to the big rock for a while, and then got in and out of the water and grass, very flexible and lovely. These little tadpoles haven't grown legs yet, only a long tail dragged behind the translucent body, and their movements are flexible. At this time, the larger tadpoles swam in my direction. I held my breath and squeezed the handle of the water ladle with my right hand, and stretched my arms carefully forward. As it swam closer and closer, I became more nervous, and simply dared not move. "Flapping", I threw the water ladle towards it, but unfortunately, the little guy was nimble and actually slipped away from under my water ladle. Hey, there was a blow! Don't give up, continue. As I searched around the little tadpoles again, a little tadpole swam towards me with its tail, this time it must be successful. "Hoo" It was picked up straight by me, wagging his tail in the water ladle for a long time, and finally appointed. At this time, I heard the cry of a frog in the distance. Presumably it was the mother of the tadpole calling? "Wow," I put the little tadpole in the water ladle back into the water again! Well, just play, do n��t want to own it, it belongs to nature
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