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Marlboro is a brand of Altria Group and Philip Morris International. In 1924, "Marlboro" was born in the United States. By the late 1970s, "Marlboro" surpassed all other brands of cigarettes in the world and became the world's number one cigarette brand with annual sales of 9 million boxes and a sales footprint of 100. Many countries and regions.. I. Appreciate the taste evaluation of Marlboro (middle alcohol) EU duty-free version of the EU The EU duty-free medium alcohol taste is full <a href="">Marlboro Gold</a>. This duty-free EU medium alcohol cellophane tape is located in the middle of the cigarette case without any English words on the tape. Unlike the GCC and Egypt two medium alcohol cigarette packs, the Wan logo is printed on the flip. The EU version of this article is printed on the lower part of the cigarette case, and the warning text and pictures are on the upper part. At the same time, the two cigarette cases of GCC and Egypt are similar to the octagonal arc design, and this is a traditional right-angle hexahedron. Another point to note is that the Egyptian version of the "Chinese alcohol" is written in medium, while GCC and this article are mix. Marlboro (Medium Alcohol) EU Duty Free taste evaluation The EU Duty Free Alcohol Rich Mouthfeel cigarette case is printed with black frame style warning statements on the left and right sides, which is also the packaging feature of the later EU version of Marlboro. Marlboro (Medium Alcohol) EU Duty-Free Taste Test Evaluation The EU Duty-Free Alcohol-Wine Taste Full Cigarette has a steel number printed with a combination of numbers and letters on the bottom end. Look closely, it is LA, where the letter L is also placed in a row. The origin of the tax-free GCC version that I have drawn is TA Turkey, but the tax-paid Egypt version fails to identify whether it is SF, CN, or which country's ED code in its own country. 2. Yanzhixin Marlboro (Medium Alcohol) EU Duty-Free Mouthfeel Evaluation The EU Duty-Free Alcohol Wanol taste is full of the liner tin foil style and color exposed after the flip is also common in the series Marlboro. After opening the cover of the GCC version, the stickable design style of freshness and moisture retention is exposed, while the Egyptian version is of the ordinary tin foil style printed with the inverted triangle logo. Marlboro (Middle Alcohol) EU Duty-Free Mouthfeel Evaluation The style and design of the full-bodied mouthfeel filter of the EU Duty-Free Alcohol is very similar to the GCC version. The Egyptian version of the Marlboro English color on the filter is yellow similar to the color of the filter, not white. At the same time, the tip of the Egyptian version of the filter tip paper is printed with a red inverted triangle logo, but the EU and GCC versions do not. There is a coke-reducing hole in the middle of the filter. 3. Appreciate the taste evaluation of the Marlboro (middle alcohol) EU duty-free version. The EU-tax-free alcoholic taste is full of sniffing roll paper, and there is a slight scent of aroma in the nostrils. ignite. First of all, it needs to be explained that the overall burning speed of its shredded tobacco is very slow and it burns smoothly. Although the burning of cut tobacco is not too fast, the amount of smoke at the entrance is still quite full <a href="">Carton Of Cigarettes</a>. The overall richness of the smoke is not weaker than that of some new series of Hong Wan, but it is still very powerful. Marlboro (Medium Alcohol) EU Duty-Free Taste Test Evaluation The EU Duty Free Alcohol-Wine Taste is full = when the first half of the box is sampled, its mixed smell is relatively moderate, without the stiffness of the Hard Red Million series, and it looks very soft and delicate. Compared to the new version of the Platinum Series, it is much thicker and fuller than them. When the smoke is spit out, a hint of aroma will be intuitively felt at the end of the nostril. Marlboro (Middle Alcohol) EU Duty Free Taste Test Evaluation The feeling of full-bodied alcohol in the EU Duty Free is not experienced in some hard red and white gold. At the same time, after spitting out smoke, the lips, teeth, tongue and throat feel clean, without any strange smell, and the purity is quite good. Marlboro (Medium Alcohol) EU Duty-Free Mouthfeel Evaluation The EU Duty-Free Alcohol Wanfeel full-bodied smoke penetrates into the lungs <a href="">Marlboro Red</a>, and the impact force is also in place. Comprehensive satisfaction is also possible. The quality of the smoke at the tail end was slightly lower than that of the previous few mouths, and was slightly erratic and weak. 4. Summary Marlboro (Middle Alcohol) EU Duty Free taste evaluation The EU Duty Free Middle Alcohol has a full mouthfeel. Compared with the new hard red and platinum versions, the middle alcohol series is still very good. Some people will say that their smoke will be very light, but this is not the case. As far as the current version of the Hard Red Series is concerned, the intensity of the smoke is far less than the previous version. Needless to say, the platinum series can only be weaker than the medium alcohol series. Therefore, China Alcohol is a beautiful landscape in the world of 10, 000, a wonderful flower.<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">Cigarettes Online</a>
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