I don't know when to start

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I don't know when to start, forcing myself to smoke only half a cigarette, and it gradually became a habit after a long time. I never planned to quit smoking. For those who are used to loneliness, there is nothing closer to their hearts than cigarettes. Not when he was young to pretend to be cool, nor to indulge in the illusion of nicotine. I just feel that the soul needs comfort, and in fact, in addition to cigarettes, I do not seem to find something that can be replaced that is so close to the heart and lungs. I forgot the purpose of smoking only half a cigarette with the first, but I feel that half a cigarette fits the present life Newport Cigarettes. "Weak Water for Three Thousand Takes Only One Spoon, " which descends into mediocrity day after day, from the initial hustle, unwillingness, and loneliness to today's tranquility as water and tranquility, life seems to have gone into a state of relaxation too early, Or sunny or cloudy leisure. Half a cigarette, a cup of clear tea, and a few books, let cigarettes, tea and words bathe the soul, soothe the soul, calm down the driving heart Marlboro Cigarettes, talk to the wise in the etheric, listen to history and ask about nature, why not a another type of happiness. How envious people used to be. In this red and green world, Jin Yi Yu Shi, sensual dogs and horses, who fully enjoy the wealth of bringing their honor and satisfaction, between their hands and feet, is the will and pride of social power, I often feel reluctant and unwilling to live in a bad life. As my experience grows, my inner self-cultivation gradually becomes accustomed to and numb to the last laugh. Understand, all living beings are like the leaves of a big tree, similar, but never the same. Everyone is an independent individual and has a life that is completely different from others or cannot be copied. Of course it is happiness in life or Pain, it is wealth or poverty. When the half cigarette is squeezed, it is also the time when the desire blooms. "Thousands are standing, but there is no desire to be strong. " The only thing that is squeezed is the infinite desire of the self, so that his heart becomes more unwilling in a little reluctance. Enrichment and power, knowing the transformation of gains and losses and the balance between yin and yang. I used to read the old Wolong like I said thousands of times before, "I don't care about my ambitions, I want to be quiet" Online Cigarettes, I finally understood the truth at this point. Peaceful life makes me persistent and peaceful. With Qingcha as companion, Chaimi allowed oil and salt to merge with Fenghuaxueyue, on the outskirts of distant rivers and lakes, to observe the changing world and the ocean's changes. In fact, the so-called happiness and harmony are a kind of balance. Social balance means peace and harmony, and family harmony means orderliness, mutual respect and love; inner balance means peace and happiness. The phase is created by the heart and the environment is created by the heart. One half cigarette is Tao, which is the balance.
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I don't know when to start

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