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In this article I shall be covering some of the reasons as to why an computer software (Excel) based spreadsheet is better than a paper based spreadsheet.

Error Correction


If you had a paper based spreadsheet and you made a spelling or statistical error then you would 99% of the time have to start a new spreadsheet and copy all the data into the new one Black Vic Beasley Jr Jersey , this takes a lot of concentration and effort to do. If several mistakes are made it can also cost paper and ink costs. It can also be prone to damage based accidents e.g. spilling a cup of tea on it.

Computer (Excel)

If you have an error based in a computer spreadsheet then it can be fixed with a few key presses and a mouse button action or two (depending on the error). This saves time; it also saves money as no paper has been lostwasted (dependant on print circumstances).



Creating copies of a spreadsheet by hand is a very long and tedious process, even with a photocopier it is hard to print of several copies of a spread sheet. A large spreadsheet can take hours if not days to copy successfully by hand.

Computer (Excel)

Creating copies of a file in Excel is easy Black Matt Ryan Jersey , if printing just select more than one copy, if for the file then Ctrl + Alt + S. Now you have multiple copies. With modern printers doing 25-35ppm it can take seconds to print a copy of a spreadsheet.



You would need to create a new spreadsheet. This is extremely time intensive and can be quite hard to do if in mass amounts Black Devonta Freeman Jersey , also only one person can editamend the spreadsheet at a time.

Computer (Excel)

You can multiple people editing the same file, allowing for large spreadsheets to be populated with data in a small amount of time. You can also quickly and easily change the data within the spreadsheet with a click or two of a mouse and a few keystrokes.



Creating statistics and graphs from a spreadsheet by hand takes a considerable amount of time and concentration.

Computer (Excel)

Creating charts and graphs to show statistics within Excel is extremely easy and fast. It takes around 3-5 minutes to produce a color schemed and styled graph from a set of spreadsheets data.



Distributing paper based spreadsheets takes a lot of time and effort as they would have to be posted individually to each recipient and that could take up to 3 days (postage time).

Computer (Excel)

Distribution via PCComputer can be as quick as a few seconds via email or networked storage systems.



Doing styling and color schemes on a paper based spreadsheet could take a large amount of time and effort to ensure the styling is done correct Black Julio Jones Jersey , it would also cost money for the supplies to color the document.

Computer (Excel)

Styling and color schemes can be applied and modified within Excel in a matter of seconds, from changing the color of a word to the background color of half the spreadsheet!

Finding a Plastic Surgeon for Women Health Articles | December 31 Black Qadree Ollison Jersey , 2011
This article explains the responsibilities of a plastic surgeon. It focuses mainly on doctors for women and operations for women.

A plastic surgeon is a medical professional who has the ability, experience and training to operate on patients. This field is actually a wide one because there are many different kinds of procedures that require the training and skill that this particular doctor has. Many of the surgeries that fall under cosmetic surgery require a skilled and experienced doctor because of the intricacies that come with it.


The basic requirements that are necessary for a good plastic surgeon include a complete education and training gleaned from a qualified and recognized medical school. The individual should pass the course with good grades as well as pass the training to the satisfaction of the trainers. Training usually starts in the last year or years in medical school Black John Cominsky Jersey , with the chosen specialization that is the focus of the trainee. Some senior doctors take on potentially skilled students whom they believe have the capacity to excel. There is an exam that the prospective doctor needs to undergo in order to be recognized by the state and qualified to practice. There are also some associations that are very useful to have support from when it comes to practicing doctors.

Other than the basic requirements that the government and other organizations need to be met, there are also some which are necessary for the plastic surgeon to be popular with the medical staff and the patients. Compassion and the ability to understand and convey understanding are just some of the few abilities that patients appreciate in their attending physicians. Skilled but cold doctors may be appreciated for their ability but their rapport with their patients may be seen as lacking. Many patients like to have doctors whom they can talk to and connect with. Women in particular like to have an understanding and appreciative specialist attending to their needs and worries. Doctors who take the time to explain and connect to their patients often have little or no difficulty gathering a strong following. s[/url] Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Sports Jerseys Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys Wholesale Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Hockey Jerseys Wholesale NHL Hockey Jerseys Wholesale NBA Basketball Jerseys

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