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The Opportunities of the Internet

Thanks to e-commerce Wholesale Jerseys From China , it has become possible for authors to sell and market their books without the backing of major retailers and celebrities. It helps authors maximize the potentials of the Internet in reaching potential readers, thus eliminating the disadvantages that new, struggling, and self-published authors usually experience with book marketing and promotion. If they can鈥檛 square off against established and popular authors through traditional means Wholesale Jerseys China , all they need to do is to take their fight and struggles to the World Wide Web, where potential readers await their prose and poetry.

Author websites: a must

That is, provided they or anyone else does their e-commerce website well. Potential readers scour the Internet for great new reads, and chances are high that they鈥檙e looking for titles like yours. But chances do you have if your book(s) get lost in the pile of other books in Amazon and Barnes and Noble? Your author website will either make or break whatever remaining chance you do have.

Your author website needs not to be sophisticated with all the cool features and lots of pages and images. It has to be:

Properly designed
Highly customized
With well-written copy and high definition images

What鈥檚 your e-commerce website for? It is to sell your book(s) Wholesale Jerseys , to entice potential readers with a teaser of your story or poetry, to excite them with a story or poem that has never been written or express before. Moreover, it is to provide potential readers an easy way to connect with you and purchase your book(s).

Many independent book marketing firms offer authors not only fully-loaded websites at competitive rates but also the opportunity to customize their web pages. Authors provide not only content to web designers and developers, but also directions on how they want their e-commerce website done. While the experts are bound to apply the author鈥檚 vision onto the website Cheap Football Jerseys , they could also suggest best and effective practices.

Authors would also want to employ the expertise of digital marketing specialists to make their website (and books) visible online. Of course, basic website packages come with social media choices and a blog post ready. Author websites are connected to their social accounts, further increasing their online visibility through link building as authors can leverage social media for search engine optimization or SEO (which we will discuss in future articles).

You could write your own blog post for your author website or else contract your book marketing firm to create one for you. The topic for your blog post will be taken from your book. Topics will be based on your book鈥檚 overall theme(s), events Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , or any general or specific topics. You will want your blog post to truly reflect your idea and motivation for your book, right?

In this digital age, authors have all the opportunities to share their gift of storytelling or poetry to potential readers all over the world. The Internet helps author easily and immediately find the audience they want to entertain.

More About the Author

I was born in Maine and currently based in New York, where my wife hails from. I am a freelance writer and editor. Sometimes Cheap NFL Jerseys , I ghostwrite for people who want their articles or books done. I am also an author of a few self-help and practical living literature. ReadersMagnet: Online Book Marketing: Total Views: 109Word Count: 504See All articles From Author
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A Leadership Lesson: Two Guys With Guns by Brent Filson

Raymond Chandler author of the famous Philip Marlowe detective stories advised writers suffering from writers' block: "Whenever you get stuck, have two guys walk through the door with guns."

Leadership has its own "leader's block." All leaders now and then get a good dose of it. You're sailing along in your job getting the results you want when Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , for whatever reason or for no reason you can discern, you come to a screeching halt and can't go any farther. You get stuck on getting the same results. You get stuck on motivating people. You're stuck on motivating yourself.

Being stuck, take advice from Raymond Chandler: Have two guys walk through the door with guns!

Chandler was talking about shaking things up in the writer's head and on the written page.

Here's the way you can have the leadership equivalent of Chandler's advice: shake things up in your job and career simply by giving Leadership Talks.

My experience working with thousands of leaders world wide for the past two decades teaches me that most leaders are screwing up their careers.

On a daily basis, these leaders are getting the wrong results or the right results in the wrong ways.

Interestingly Cheap Jerseys From China , they themselves are choosing to fail. They're actively sabotaging their own careers.

Leaders commit this sabotage for a simple reason: They make the fatal mistake of choosing to communicate with presentations and speeches -- not Leadership Talks.

In terms of boosting one's career, the difference between the two methods of leadership communication is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.

Look at it this way: There's a hierarchy of verbal persuasion. The lowest parts (least effective) are presentations and speeches. Primarily, they communicate information.

But the highest part of the hierarchy of verbal persuasion, the most effective way to communicate as a leader Cheap Jerseys , is through the Leadership Talk.

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