Breguet Classique 7137 7137BB/11/9V6 Replica Watch

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Breguet Classique complication, 1907, million dollar pocket watch exclusive hands-on

Often the most insignificant of these days are watches, Breguet is one of those few well-known manufacturers who are still very actively involved in creating extraordinary pocket watches. It's no surprise when we consider the clear involvement of the company's eponymous brand Abraham-Louis Breguet and the truly remarkable pocket watches owned by world leaders and absolute elites from the late 1700s to the early 1800s Already. Just recently, we were one of the first Americans to see the prototype of the 1907 Breguet Classique Complications, a bold new million-dollar pocket watch.Breguet Classique Complications 3657BA/12/9V6 Replica Watch

The star of this special exhibition is the 525 movements contained in the gold case, suitably, this is the side of the watch we first saw. We often appreciate what a mechanical watch can see, even though most of the watches are mostly covered by plates or rotors. This is not the case with the 1907 Breguet classic complication. You can see many things through the large sapphire crystal.

Although I won't pretend to know the name of each piece, I can certainly appreciate the combination of art and engineering on display. This is how I would happily hang oversized schematics on the wall for a closer look. Interestingly, the 508GS movement very rarely shows the components of the speed governing mechanism: in the lower right part of the case in the picture below, you can see what makes it so outstanding. Contrary to most other movements, there are many chime mechanisms hidden between the front dial and the bridge of the rear movement, where countless snails, cams, wheels and pinions are shown, and with repeater function on demand during operation .

Of course, all the fragmentary parts in the movement allow Breguet Classique Complications 1907 Baosteel to retain time (using the central minute hand and offset hour hand on the minute dial). The 16 1/2 movement also contains a tourbillon and a complex case (a duet and a small sonata). Unfortunately, we can't hear the sound of the watch in operation-when the hammer is in place, the gong hit by the hammer has not been installed. This is the life of those who see rare prototypes! Either way, given the amazing reputation of Breguet's watches, I can assume that the bell to the owner is obvious.BRM Gulf Racing V12-44-MR-02 Replica watch

Some parts of the movement can also be seen on the dial surface of the 1907 Breguet Classique's complex functions, and this side is certainly not slack. Upon closer inspection, the surface has two different textures, which are provided by the manually operated rose engine. This is how the texture is applied to the silver-plated gold dial. Today, using a rose engine to display these guilloche-like decorative patterns on the dial is undoubtedly a rare thing, and we usually do it by stamping. Needless to say, Breguet's method of applying geometric grooves to the dial has been used for hundreds of years, and its appearance is clearer. The guilloche-like decorative dial is breathtaking, it allows light to function in this wonderful texture, and must be alive to be fully appreciated.

After a wonderful guilloche-like decorative pattern, the eye is next drawn to the cutout on the dial. Of course, the tourbillon at 5 o'clock shows the tourbillon, its typical Breguet hollow cock, three-spoke cage and a gold balance with screws on the periphery. Next to it are two other holes that expose a mirror-polished hammer-as I mentioned above, although they do work, we can't hear the sound of the hammer. The tourbillon also plays a role here. As always, this is a complex function that is worth a look. In fact, the impact on accuracy is not yet clear.wholesale replica watches

When it comes to similar things, with a hand-engraved dial and movement, you won't simply tuck it into any old case. No, the 1907 Breguet classic complication watch uses a huge and beautiful 56.5 mm wide and nearly 22 mm thick gold case, which weighs differently from other products I hold. Of course, you have your stainless steel divers, and those divers usually feel heavy ... With this watch, I can only say that it is a good thing to make it into a pocket watch. If you have that weight on your wrist (unfortunately, no, I don't know the actual weight), you will undoubtedly feel very tired at the end of the day. However, weight is not a story. finished.

Although there are indeed many polished surfaces, the vertical lines on the sides of the case break the monotony (and hidden fingerprints), and the carved surface on the case cover is quite beautiful. The inner surfaces of both lids are mirror-polished, ideal for finding stray caviar in your teeth.

I am of course joking, because the exclusiveness of pocket watches is inevitable, just like the classic complications of Breguet in 1907. Also, most people today don't really carry pocket watches and can rest assured that seeing one of them in the wild is as rare as a unicorn ... Did you know? I am completely satisfied with this. Although for obvious reasons this watch is not something I own, some of my engineers and watch enthusiasts are pleased with the existence of this perfect replica watches.

Its price tag is nothing, but the level of work, materials and finishes makes the price seem reasonable. For me, this is an exercise in engineering technology to understand what watchmakers can and can do well without budgetary constraints.

Breguet technical specifications

Winding: manual winding
Power reserve (hours): 65
Caliber: 508GS
Gems: 43
Frequency: 2.5 Hz
Balance wheel: load screw
Escapement: Right-angle lever
Gossamer: Bogue
Number of parts: 525
Metal: Gold
Dimensions: 56.5 mm in diameter and 21.95 mm in thickness

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