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A food bag is a life savior. Resealable food bags keep products fresh longer, and are most often used to portion or store vegetables, cereals, dry ingredients, crackers, cookies…

The vacuum bag is to extract and seal all the air in the packaging container to maintain a high degree of decompression in the bag. The scarcity of air is equivalent to the effect of low oxygen, so that microorganisms have no living conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh fruit and no disease or rot.

Inflatable Film Roll is perforated for easy tear-off which suits perfectly on the SuperFast Automatic Air Cushion Machine.

Bubble Film is a flexible plastic sheeting containing numerous small air pockets, used in cushioning items during shipment. It is lightweight, water resistant, reusable non-scratching. And, Commonly used for packing fragile items.

PP Woven fabrics are made from high-quality polypropylene materials. They are well-known for their high tensile strength, low elongation, tear resistance, and dimensional stability. Compared to the Kraft Paper Dunnage Bags, the PP Woven Dunnage Bags are much lighter and water-resistant.

An Inflatable Air Bag for Protection is an inflatable cushion designed to protect automobile occupants from serious injury in the case of a collision.

When transporting fruits, the Fruit Protective Air Bag with Air Vent can play a perfect protective role to avoid fruit damage. At the same time, the clean and tidy Fruit Protective Air Bag with Air Vent will also give businesses a lot of great evaluation.

Air Pillow Protective Bag protects products from impact damages. They are effective void-filling solutions that keep products in packaging from shifting, crushing, or breaking while in transit, during shipment, or handling.

Column Type Air Cushion can provide the product with anti-seismic protection for long-term storage and transportation without air leakage, making the damage rate to a minimum.

Air Column for Electronics serve as a durable void fill packaging and firm protection layer for Electronics during shipping, minimizing the damage.


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