Best CFOs in india 2022

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The duties of CFO include tracking the cash flow, analyzing strengths and also analyzing the weaknesses. The role also include preparing accurate forecasts so that management can make good decisions about future investments. Here is the list of 5 best CFOs in india 2022.

(1). Alok Agarwal
Mr. Alok Kumar Agarwal is chief financial officer of reliance industries limited. Mr. Alok Kumar Agarwal has started his career in 1989 with Reliance Industries Limited as an Engineer. He later worked with ICICI Ltd. for 9 years. Mr. Alok Agarwal is extremely efficient officer and one of the best CFOs in india 2022.

(2). C.S Muralidharan
Mr C.S Muralidharan is the chief financial officer of Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries pvt ltd. Mr. C.S Muralidharan was graduated from ICAI. He is expertises in Global Compliance, Capital restructuring and merging and acquisitions. He joined Sun Pharmaceuticals in the year 2017, and still over there.

(3). Samir Seksaria
Mr Samir Seksaria, is the Chief financial officer of Tata Consultancy Services. He has quite well experience in the IT industry, TCS. Before this, he was in charge of the Business Finance function for TCS, Samir began his career in TCS in the year 1999. Mr Seksaria is an extremely loving and caring family man.

(4). Nilanjan Roy
Nilanjan Roy is the chief financial officer of Infosys. Before Infosys he was the global chief financial officer of Bharti Airtel Ltd and worked for almost thirteen years. In bharti airtel Ltd he was responsible for the financial operations across Africa and India.

(5). Shobinder Duggal
Mr. Shobinder Duggal is the Director of finance and control and the chief financial officer of Nestle, India. He has working experience of 35 years with Nestle in India and Switzerland also. Mr. Shobinder Duggal is the Chairman of the Risk Management Committee and member of the Stakeholders Relationship Committee of Nestle India Limited.

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