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The Cardinals’ website announcement of Kliff Kingsbury’s hiring originally came with a mention that “Kingsbury is friends with Rams coach Sean McVay.” Indeed Andy Dalton Jersey , every team in this hiring cycle seemed to be in search of the next McVay.The Bengals appear on the verge of hiring Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor, which is as close to McVay as a team can get. The Packers hired Matt LaFleur, who was McVay’s offensive coordinator in 2017.McVay said earlier this week he was “too young,” at 32 A.J. Green Jersey , to have a coaching tree. But it appears anyone calling himself a FOM — Friend of McVay — had a better shot at getting a head coaching opportunity this year.“I think, really, what it is more than anything else is, it’s a reflection of our organizational success over the last couple years Carlos Dunlap Jersey ,” McVay told reporters in Los Angeles on Thursday. “I think it’s certainly flattering. It’s extremely humbling to even be mentioned in that. But I know this: The reason that people are saying those types of things is because the Rams have had success. I know the Rams are having success because we’ve got great players. We’ve got a great coaching staff, and we’ve got a lot of people that are working in the same direction. I think that’s key for continuity in anything that you do. But it certainly is very flattering, and it’s a reflection of the Rams鈥?success.” The game-deciding touchdown in Cincinnati from Ben Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown seemed to be sprung by a pick from Steelers receiver Justin Hunter on Bengals cornerback Tony McRae. The officials, and the senior V.P. of officiating Geno Atkins Jersey , didn’t see it that way.Al Riveron explained in a video posted on Sunday evening that the league believes McRae initiated contact with Hunter within a yard of the line of scrimmage. This allows Hunter to run into and through the contact, pushing McRae down the field and, as a practical matter, allowing Brown to cut behind and to the inside of Hunter.Reasonable minds could view the visual evidence differently Tyler Eifert Jersey , interpreting the contact as being initiated by Rogers not McRae, with McRae trying to fight through Hunter to get to Brown.If offensive pass interference had been called on Hunter, the ball would have been moved from the Cincinnati 31 to the Cincinnati 41, with 10 seconds left. If the Steelers had gotten no closer Drew Sample Cincinnati Bengals Jersey , Chris Boswell would have had a 58-yard field goal attempt for the win. Given that Boswell already has missed six kicks this year, it would have been an interesting attempt, to say the least.

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