Washingtons next game is against the Packers at Green Bayy and

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in the 2009 draft. Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at cmonref@tsn. Custom New York Giants Jerseys .ca! Hi Kerry, In Saturday nights game between the Canadiens and Flyers, there was a shot from PK Subban at the point that went wide and was stuck in the side of the net forcing a whistle. At this point, Montreal was on a power play and up 2-0 in the game. My question is, why did the face-off after this whistle stay in the Flyers end? If a shot from a Canadiens player goes over the glass or onto the back of the net and is blown dead, the face-off should come outside, shouldnt it? I am just wondering how this case is different as it did not touch a Flyers player before becoming lost in the side of the net. This was a very pivotal point in the game as the Canadiens scored shortly after the next draw which remained in the Flyers zone, putting the game pretty much out of reach. Thanks for taking the time to answer my e-mail and I look forward to your response. Brett WalkerMelita, MB Brett, You are correct in your understanding and interpretation of Rule 85 - Puck Out of Bounds. The ensuing face-off should have been conducted on the neutral zone spot nearest to the Flyers blue line once the puck became lodged under the protective netting skirt directly off the shot by PK Subban (which was not deflected by a Flyers player or goalie Ray Emery). Im giving the game officials a free pass on this one as a result of some miscommunication they apparently received during the video review process from the situation room. You need to give them a pass this time around as well! First, you need to understand the variations in the rule that could apply in this situation. The overriding premise regarding face-off location when a puck goes out of bounds or becomes unplayable is to provide the team at fault with the least amount of territorial advantage. An unplayable puck is one that becomes lodged in the netting on the outside of either goal. This understanding is verified in Rule 85.5 - "Should an attacking player cause the puck to go out of play or become unplayable in the attacking zone, the face-off shall take place at a neutral zone face-off spot or at a face-off spot in the zone from which the puck left the ice, whichever is less advantageous to the attacking team. For a puck that is unplayable due to being lodged in the netting or as a result of it being frozen between opposing players, the resulting face-off shall be at either of the adjacent face-off spots unless in the opinion of the Referee, the stoppage was caused by the attacking team, in which case the resulting face-off shall be conducted in the neutral zone…" PK Subban clearly caused the stoppage of play in this situation. (An exception to this rule is when the puck deflects off the goal post or crossbar, when cause by either team, either shot directly or deflected off any player or official, the face-off is always to be conducted in that end zone at the nearest face-off spot. Rule 85.1) The next logical question we ask is why the face-off remained in the Flyers end zone following video review and a lengthy conference between the Officials to determine puck drop location? We need to look no further than the explanation posted on the NHL Situation Room blog which states: "At 4:42 of the third period in the Flyers/Canadiens game, video review determined that P.K. Subbans shot entered through the side of the net. No goal Montreal." In looking at the replay, it is clear that the puck did not enter the net but was trapped on the outside of the mesh between the protective skirting. As a result of the Situation Room written explanation, it is only logical to assume that Referee Eric Furlatt would have been informed that the shot entered through the side of the net! Furlatt would communicate this information to his colleagues on the ice during their conference. Given this flawed information, the correct face-off location rule application (oxymoron) would be found in a portion of Rule 85.2 that states; "Should the puck go under the goal either from behind or the side or through the mesh from behind or the side, the ensuing face-off should take place at the nearest face-off spot in the zone nearest to the location where the play was stopped." That location would be in the Flyers end zone to the right of Ray Emery! Whatever the reason Brett, the incorrect face-off location resulted once PK Subban caused the stoppage of play in the attacking zone when his direct shot became caught in the outside netting and rendered unplayable. It would appear to have been lost somewhere in the communication. Kareem Martin Jersey . -- C.J. Wilson parked his car and laughed while signing autographs for faceless fans who handed bats, balls and cards to the pitcher from the other side of a brick wall. Kareem Martin Giants Jersey . -- A.J. Burnett was happy to escape from New York. http://www.giantsrookiestore.com/Giants-Saquon-Barkley-Jersey/ . He was signed to help with depth to the receiving corps because of the loss of Shamawd Chambers to the 6-game injured list.Well, the first two questions of the 2013 off-season have been answered: Will RG3 be ready for the beginning of the season and can Chip Kelly be effective in taking the University of Oregon offence and make it work in the NFL? And the answers are clear: No and yes. It is amazing how the best in the NFL can always be humbled at a given moment. I think back to Baltimore at Denver and Peyton Manning throwing that cross-body interception. He was humbled. Advance from that playoff game to the opening of the 44th season of Monday Night Football and maybe the most popular charismatic athlete in football, Robert Griffin III and on this night, he was humbled. Heck, the quarterback on the opposite side, Micheal Vick is someone that has definitely been humbled. Now I am sure that the Redskins and Griffin will win games and, as long as he stays healthy, the Griffin we saw of last year will emerge again this year. But he was not ready and the risk that Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan took by not playing him at all did not work out. Practice, practice and more practice and Robert Griffin will be back. But in the present, there is still one major problem. Washingtons next game is against the Packers at Green Bayy and they are coming off their own loss in San francisco. Will Hernandez Jersey. In the extreme opposite, how about Chip Kelly and his fast-paced, play-after-play offence? It worked! What surprised me was the perfection of execution considering the new personnel and only four exhibition games. They ran 30 plays in the first quarter and another 23 in the second. In some games, 53 plays is an entire game. And this offence is so entertaining. Yes, you need success to make it entertaining but as someone who watches football for a living, it sure was refreshing. The other aspect of Chip Kelly is that he is very active with his quarterbacks. When Vick would come to the sidelines, he talkes directly to his quarterback with no assistants around, peering over his shoulder trying to make a contribution. There were many surprises in Week 1, including New England not dominating Buffalo with rookie starter EJ Manuel and Tampa Bay losing to first game starter Geno Smith. But of all the winners and losers, the Pittsburgh Steelers looked like they were still playing exhibition games. Congratulations to both Marc Trestman with the Chicago Bears and Chip Kelly of the Eagles. 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